About Us

What is Uniqor?

Uniqor could be your best online shopping assistant!

Uniqor contains a large number of goods involving various categories, covers many well-known sellers, enables you to quickly make a smart decision through the intuitive comparison and valuable clues.

Uniqor is constantly improving its function, looking forward to bringing you a perfect online shopping experience.

Quality comes first!

More and more people are attracted to online shopping. As an online shopper, a grasp of desirable information reaches the best deal. You may raise up a lot of questions: Is this product reliable? how do other buyers feel about it? Are there any other retailers where I can find a cheaper deal? Uniqor will give you the best list of options.

The products we present are from reputable online retailers (such as eBay and Amazon), which are equipped with reliable service system from ordering, online paying, delivery to after-sale service. What's more, the sales records and reviews are available to track. Besides, the displaying products are all related to your requirement from different shops and you can use different filter conditions and see more accurate results. It is very clear to see all these prices.

Why choose us?

Our primary goal is to offer you best deal and save you from wasting time and money. We collect the latest data from large e-retailers. We almost keep an update on a daily basis and ensure our users to get the fresh data every time they browse products on our site. The gathered data must go through a precise optimizing process. Our team make a deeper analysis on it and use the specific system and algorithm to filter out invalid ones to meet our strict quality standard, otherwise, we offer various filters to match your personal preferences. This is not the only thing we want to show you. The moment you click an item and get a quick product match, we believe that you will be satisfied with the quality products shown at first sight for you to make the rational decision.